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A tragicomic venture into the power and need for expression.

Synchrona brings together Lisa Torun's talents as choreographer, dancer, music composer and opera singer.

Four dancers struggle to reach out of themselves. They all lack the means to express themselves without the use and abuse of another body. Through film, dance, an electronic score, live music, text and Lisas's opera singing, they create a space where the body becomes an instrument and the instrument a vehicle. A space where pride and emotional manipulation are prevalent. By flirting and playing, sometimes violently, sometimes sensually, they take turns in manoeuvring and being manoeuvred in a synchronised struggle.

Performance data

Choreography and music composition: Lisa Torun
Dancers/musicians: Jerry Pedersen, Kristian Gottliebsen, Kenneth Flak, Lisa Torun
Film: Derek Nisbet
Sound engineer/musician; Shaun Dawson
Lighting design: Thomas Dotzler
Co-producer UK: Turtle Key Arts
Co-producer Sweden: Dansstationen
Running time - 1hour (no interval)

Press clippings

"Synchrona is a full evening piece for four dancers/ musicians, exploring the force field between dance, music, song and video. The performance shows how Torun has the ability to combine the different forms of artistic expression... it is impressive how an abstract piece of work of this kind can offer so many accessible expressions, each part is so well composed and defined in relation to the whole. There are sequences of weight and seriousness, interrupted by disarming humour and circuslike acrobatics." Jan A Johansson Skånska Dagbladet (Swedish Daily)

"she moves with a forceful articulateness, blending satiny ease with luminous sharpness..."
Nadine Meisner, The Independent Review

"Torun’s kinetic intelligence is clear throughout"
Donald Hutera, Dance Europe