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An oscillating sculpture of dance and live music

A collaboration between choreographer Lisa Torun and composer Derek Nisbet

Seesaw is a flexible work for 3 dancers and 3 string players, and can be staged for various types of venues. The choreography is applied to both the dancers and the musicians, as cycles of movement and music can be seen and heard 'in the round'.

Like a seesawing and sonorous sculpture the piece explores intricacy and periphery. In its whole the piece is 35 minutes, but can be ‘tailor made’ for specific events.

Lisa Torun is known for her cross-disciplinary work and close collaborations with composers and musicians. Seesaw is a penultimate example of her style of work involving live music and dance.

Performance data

Choreography: Lisa Torun
Music: Derek Nisbet
Dancers: Sara Ekman, Claudine Ulrich, Malin Holmberg
Musicians: Sara Jefta, violin
Malin Wikblad, viola
Anja Inge, cello
Lighting design: Thomas Dotzler

Press clippings

"Torun, a sassy, humorous choreographer reinvigorates the traditional",
Josephine Leask

"Clever neo-baroque dances"
Jann Parry, The Observer